When Chef Mao Travelled To China…..

Like many other great stories of food culture around the world, Chef Mao embarked on its mission to bring a new gourmet experience, right from China! From Great Himalayas to Tibet, Chef Mao made new friends, tasted heavenly foods, and finally to Tianshui, the famous city for authentic Noodles & Momos!

The Calcutta Calling…

But how did Chinese food become so beloved in India? The journey of Chinese food begins in the 18th century, the era of British East India Company establishment in Calcutta (now Kolkata) as the capital of colonial India. In the midst of the thriving trade route, items like silk and tea were transported from China to Britain, Calcutta soon draws skilled communities of Chinese workers. It soon began the interaction between communities which over the centuries produced a hybrid of cuisine that took a life on its own in India.

The Home Coming Of Authentic Chinese Food From Tianshui!

Tian - Asian Grub - unfolds an experience of a confluence of creative Asian flavours and textures. With avant-garde cooking techniques and authentic flavours straight from Tianshui, the culinary masterpieces from China and beyond is orchestrated by our Master Chef’s artistic imagination.

The Transition from Chef Mao to Tian- Asian Grub, brings you a unique experience of fusion Asian dishes after travelling from regions to regions in China, Thailand, Korea, and beyond. The authentic fusion of the textures and flavours reflects the versatility of innovative Asian Culture.

The food language at TIAN is universal, bound by no region or country. Food which is essentially modern with a palate bursting unknown flavours that are globally Asian. From our starters to the Main course all are packed with flavours, serving comfort food for all, for any season and for every reason!

A rich and authentic varied selection of specially crafted NEW menus by our Chef and Innovative appetizers ranging from a selection of Dim Sums, Lumpia with spring onion, black fungus, exotic veggies, Crackling Wonton, Crispy Lotus stem with chilli, garlic, sesame and coriander, Golden Fried Prawns with sweet chilli dip, to Pan Fried Panko Fish, and more, are some of the highlights at Tian.

Continuing ahead, Tian also offers a varied choice of soups from ‘Dumpling Soup With Garlic Oil, Ginger, Green Chilli And Soy’ before one goes on to select from a list of inventive mains - Mapos in Schezwan sauces to Kung Paos, to Manchurians and many more.

Asian Cuisines are best known for their comfort and family-style dishes, and at Tian, we try our best to blend authentic flavours with our innovative New Menu.

Little Bundles Of Joy, Huge Bowls Of Happiness!

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